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Getting Started with OANDA - Videos


Learn more about forex and OANDA's trading platform.

Retail forex has only been offered directly to the public within the last two decades, thus it is still a relatively new concept for numerous investors. Educate yourself of the potential benefits and definite risks involved with trading forex with our series of educational videos designed to transform traders’ understanding of the markets with live insights and extensive commentary.

Getting started with OANDA videos
How to set up User Preferences in OANDA fxTrade

Instructions on setting up your OANDA trading software

Buying and Selling Market Orders in Forex

An introduction to placing your first trade

How to Manually Close an Open Order in fxTrade

Learn to close your positions

How to Modify an Open Order in OANDA fxTrade

Explains how to change your pending orders

Buying and Selling Limit Orders in Forex

Execute more advanced trades with limit orders

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