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Dow Jones FX Select
Dow Jones FX Select

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Dow Jones FX Select


Real-time forex news and insight.

In the foreign exchange markets, trading professionals and companies must make the smartest and fastest decisions possible in order to profit from the flow of money. Having access to real-time forex news and analysis can be a competitive advantage. When it comes to choosing the best forex news source, there is no more respected provider than Dow Jones.

Dow Jones FX Select provides forex trading professionals with real-time breaking news, expert trend analysis, and in-depth policy commentary developed by a global team of Dow Jones business news reporters and editors.

Available in a variety of languages, FX Select provides a 360-degree view of what's moving currency markets worldwide.

Some of the popular news and analysis features in FX Select include:

  • World Forex
    Insight into the moves driving major currency pairs from seasoned reporters in trading centers worldwide
  • FX Roundups
    Summaries from New York, Hong Kong, London, and other major trading centers
  • Market Talk
    Around-the-clock forex news, commentary, and analysis reports on the issues affecting global markets
  • Big Picture
    A deeper look into what is affecting overall economic activity as well as securities markets, the Federal Reserve's interest rates, and capital markets policies
  • Policy Watch
    Updates on the Fed, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, Bank of England, and the issues affecting and influencing policymakers
  • Plus
    A multitude of focused forex columns that offer insightful analysis on key issues driving specific markets and currency pairs

How to Install

1. Log into fxTrade

2. Click on "News" to add Dow Jones FX Select to your platform

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