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Footprint Charts

Professional traders use Footprint charts for one reason… it gives them a real edge...which helps them be a better trader.

The Footprint® Chart provides 3x more chart visibility and lets you look inside the bars and track buyers, sellers, volume, and order flow in a single bar.  This creates a clear trading edge and allows you to make more precise entries and better timed trades using information others do not possess.


See Inside the Chart

The more you know, the better decisions you can make. The Footprint is chart that add extreme value to your analysis by showing you volume and order flow in a single graphic. This allows for quicker, more informed trading decisions.

Price, Volume & Order Flow

We believe the interplay of these 3 elements is crucial to understanding the markets. The Footprint shows how they all relate in the most intimate way.

Qualify Entries & Exits

Understand what is driving a trend or rotation. Watch reversals happen in real time and be confirmed with volume and order flow.

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