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by MotiveWave Software

Analyze. Trade. Evolve..

MotiveWave is a professional charting, technical analysis and trading platform, available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

MotiveWave's easy-to-use advanced charting capabilities enable you to quickly and easily perform detailed traditional analysis using cycles, trend lines, channels, forks, studies and more.

MotiveWave includes more than 250 built-in studies and indicators, and 30 built-in strategies (as well as a Java SDK to create your own custom strategies), strategy backtesting, genetic and exhaustive strategy optimization, replay mode, walk forward testing, and backtesting reporting.

MotiveWave also has advanced analysis techniques including Elliott Wave, Ratio Analysis, Fibonacci, Gartley and Gann.
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onsole overview:

MotiveWave Platform Features
-Available for Windows and Mac OS X
-Trade whatever your broker supports (Stocks, Futures, CFDs, Forex, more)
-Over 250 built-in studies/indicators
-Trade how you like from the DOM, Quotesheets, Buy/Sell Boxes, the Trade Panel, or directly from the chart with one click
-Over 30 built-in trading strategies
-Java SDK for custom studies, indicators and strategy creation
-Advanced Strategy Trading including Backtesting, Optimization, Replay Mode and Walk Forward Testing
-Advanced Elliott Wave Tools from manual plotting tools to auto Elliott Wave and Scanner
-All Elliott Wave Rules and Guidelines enforced, all patterns and degrees supported
-Advanced Fibonacci Tools
-Gartley Tools (manual tools, auto Gartley and Gartley Scanner)
-Gann Tools
-Advanced Commentary Tools
-Compact Chart Mode Maximizes Screen Space
-Designed for Multiple Monitors
-Different products to fit any trading style and budget

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