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OANDA MT4 Premium Tools

by OANDA Marketplace

Introducing our newest set of Premium tools for MT4, traders can now utilize OCO's for breakouts or reversions, or use the alarm manager to trigger a number of actions, including trades. Traders are also able to see trader positions and orders updated every 5 minutes with our 5 minute OrderBook. Smart lines will allow traders to trade on the cross of a trendline, and keyboard trading via the tick chart trader adds a new way to capture market movements. To explore the full feature set now available with OANDA MT4 Premium, please find a few walkthrough videos and the sign up link below. 

In order to access the apps, please sign up here:

OANDA MT4 - Trade Terminal     

OANDA MT4 - Mini Terminal

OANDA MT4 - Alarm Manager

OANDA MT4 - Tick Chart Trader

OANDA MT4 - Market Manager


OANDA MT4 - Correlation Matrix

OANDA MT4 - Correlation Trader

OANDA MT4 - Sentiment Trader

OANDA MT4 - Stealth Orders

OANDA MT4 - Session Map

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