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Seer connects to multiple live streaming charts at Oanda using custom defined technical analysis indicators
User code editor building a trading strategy. Backtesting development happens in the same platform at the same time with live trading, here showing manual trades being placed.
The live trading panel can be hidden, allowing more of the screen to be dedicated to development. Here a backtest result, showing the trade history and one of the charts for trade history analysis.
The results of a multi variable optimization shown visually

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Seer Trading

by Seer Trading Systems

Analyze. Trade. Evolve..

SEER is a platform for building, back-testing, optimizing and deploying automated trading systems. It was designed and built from the ground up for the sole purpose of algorithm development and deployment.

Server Deployment

Trading systems developed in SEER can be deployed on servers physically near to or in brokers’ data centres 

  • Allows worldwide participation as slow, unreliable connections with poor latency are removed as obstacles for trading
  • Lower latency execution
  • Greater execution reliability

Multi-Asset & Multi-System

System developers can create systems that span multiple asset classes, while allowing investors to test and execute multiple trading systems simultaneously

  • Analyse and execute across multiple asset classes,
  • Back-test and trade multiple systems simultaneously
  • Smooth equity curves through diversified exposure
  • Increase trading frequency
  • Reduce portfolio risk


Integration with R

Developers have access to leading open-source statistical package R from within the SEER platform

  • Expose developers to a library of cutting edge statistical tools
  • Allows statisticians and quants to be involved in the system development market without requiring programmers to be commissioned.
  • Reduce time to market


Optimization and Visualization

SEER has built-in visualization tools to help validate optimized results sets


Trading system market place

SEER offers developers the ability to sell their systems, while at the same time allowing investors to track deployed systems through a simple web-based user interface

  • Developers can encrypt and sell their trading systems, while protecting their intellectual property
  • Consumers can execute and monitor multiple systems through a simple front-end

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